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*Final final update- Fixed the issue with respawning, hopefully. Enjoy!

*The standalone version of Chronicles of MAEKR can be found HERE. Web filesize is a bit large (77mb), so those with slower connection speeds may prefer playing the standalone. Game is best presented in fullscreen.

Chronicles of MAEKR follows the trials and tribulations of Glitch, our titular robotic character. Graced with a special glitch matrix processor that allows for all sorts of time and space glitching madness, Glitch sets out into a hostile world in order to save his beloved.

Very much an open world adventure game, Chronicles of MAEKR is full of secrets to explore, bots to smash, and days to save!

-This game was created for Glitchjam and #Nar8.

-All art, music, and programming by Jared Saizdelamora

-Voice acting by Jared Saizdelamora and Annick Saizdelamora